Can I refer others and not upgrade?
Yes, of course you can.

Can I Get free advertising using this?
Yes, just show your referral page on other advertising sites, it won't count towards your advertising if the same IP keeps visiting your page though.

How do I remove a banner or textad?
You click the red X next to the banner or textad. It'll add your advertising back into your account.

Do I use the 1-click join sites everytime I use the blaster?
No, you do that once. If you try to use it again it'll just skip over joining them because you already exist there.

I log in at one of these sites and I dont see my advertising waiting to be used there?
You don't have to login to those sites to send your ads. LuckyLuxs stores all of your advertising credit and keeps track of it all.

How do I delete my account?
It is at the bottom of the page - Members Menu page

How do I contact support?
Please use Ticket Support

There is more info on every page in the members area, where it is needed.